I faced a dilemma last week when I met a guy who was right for me in loads of ways, who seems keen on me. What’s the dilemma? His breath is not that fresh! It’s not totally rancid but it’s wiffy enough that I don’t want to get up close.

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that I don’t have loads of good guys queueing up to go out with me. It’s really unusual that I’ve met a guy that I’d be happy to be going out with. There are a couple of other things about him that aren’t ideal that I’d be happy to overlook (I know no one’s perfect!). But the breath is just one thing which I don’t think I can overlook. I imagine no one out there would try and persuade me to either.

Instead of just refusing to see this guy again without any explanation I feel that I should perhaps tell him about the issue. Have you ever done this? How did you deal with it?

I don’t actually believe that I could tell him about his breath and then go on to have any kind of relationship with him. We would both feel too embarrassed.

But, I do feel that once I’ve said no to seeing him again I should wait a little while and then tell him my reason. I know myself it’s horrible to be left wondering what you did to make someone not want to see you again. And, hopefully it would mean that he could sort it out and get together with another girl (he’s a nice guy! he deserves it).

Many of you will just think – Forget about him! Move on! But it’s such a shame that an otherwise great guy is off limits for such a stupid reason. I also worry a lot about other people’s feelings. I hate the thought of just ditching him without any explanation when we’ve had a couple of lovely dates.

So, if anyone has any advice, I’d really welcome it.

Is there any way I could get a fresh-breathed boyfriend out of this?
If I’m going to tell him, what the best way to do it?

Strangely, there are a couple of guys I work with whose breath is often not very fresh, who both have lovely girlfriends. That I really can’t figure out.


2 thoughts on “How should I deal with a date who has bad breath?

  1. I’d go ahead and tell him (or write to make it less uncomfortable for both), and then see how he deals with it. I think you could get a fresh-breathed boyfriend out of this, it might be just he needs to see a dentist and it will get sorted. And if he comes back after you tell him this, with a fresh breath, it only means he’s a guy who: a-can deal with honesty and truth no matter how bad it sounds, b-he really likes you, c-he’s willing to fix things when they go bad (-smelling). Glad you found someone you like, and hope this is just a temporary glitch! Good luck 🙂

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