When talking to my other single girl friends about dating, we seem to keep mentioning certain things that guys do on first dates that can sometimes put us off them.

I thought I’d share these things here for the benefit of any guys who feel they need a bit of help to have more successful dates.

1. Suggest a place to go
We see a lot of guys who leave it up to the woman to decide where to go. ‘I’ll let you choose where we go’, they say. They probably think they’re being amenable and considerate to let the woman choose the place but, in reality, we find this makes them seem unimaginative or lazy. If a guy has the confidence to suggest a specific place to go to, that can be really attractive. You could say that there’s a new bar that looks good that you’d really like to try and take her there.

2. Buy her the first drink
This one is simple. It’s unforgivable to be on a first date in a bar and let the woman buy her own drink separately from you. Pay for the first round and don’t let her give you the money to cover her drink. Tell her, ‘you get the next ones’. You don’t have to keep on buying her drinks all night (and any girl who expects you to do that is not worth it) but just make sure you buy her the first one.

3. Walk at the same pace as her
When walking along the street with her, make sure you’re not striding ahead and leaving her struggling to keep up. Men naturally walker fast than women, we know that, but you’re going to have to make some effort to stay at her pace. If you don’t, you’ll just seem inconsiderate and it’ll make her feel uncomfortable. Likewise, stay by her side when crossing the road with her. Don’t march out across the road, leaving her behind. She’ll enjoy the feeling that you’re there to protect her.

4. Leave your phone alone
Don’t take or make a phone call. Don’t send a text message or update your Facebook status. Don’t even put your phone on the table and watch it. You should let the woman believe that there’s nothing more important going on in that moment than your date with her. It’s so impolite to leave her sitting there in silence while you attend to something, or someone, more important. I once went on a date with a guy who took a phone call at the table and had lengthy conversation with a friend who needed advice on how to get a client to pay him. I wished afterwards that I had got up and walked out.

These are, of course, all very small things. You may think they wouldn’t have that much significance but if a girl is undecided on you don’t do one of these things, then it could be all she needs to reach the decision that she’s not interested. If she’s undecided and you play it right with these three things, it could be just enough to impress her and sway her in the right direction.


One thought on “Four things men should do on a first date

  1. I thought it was pay for the drink and dinner whatever your date consists of .
    He should also be a gentle man get your chair and doors.
    He should darn right suggest places to go and finally, see you off to the bus stop or drop you home if you have been dating long.

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