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I’ve often thought it would be interesting to see if a dating coach could help me figure out what I need to do to find a man, so I was very interested when love coach Petra Kreatschman offered to give me some coaching.

Over a few sessions Petra helped me think about what exactly it is that I’m looking for in a man. I had never made a concrete list of exactly what I’m looking for (despite thinking about it a lot) but Petra made me do this and talked it through with me. She helped me think about whether the type of guys I may chat up or try to date are really the type of guys I’m looking for. This was useful because I realised there probably was a bit of a mismatch.

Petra also made me think about what it is that I have to offer a guy. I have often thought that when it comes to dating, having confidence in yourself is really important. Not only because confidence is attractive but because you have to believe you really deserve the person you’re aiming to get. For anyone who is perhaps lacking confidence or self-belief Petra had some great exercises to help build those things.

Ultimately for me, as someone who already has a fair amount of self confidence (sometimes too much perhaps?!), those exercises only made me feel more angry that no man seems to be able to recognise everything I have to offer them. But, if you do need help building your confidence, I suggest you check out Petra’s website.

Ultimately Petra and I decided it would help me if I tried not trying so much with guys. I agree with this and it’s something my friends often tell me. ‘Trying not to try’ is a really difficult thing to do, but I’m trying!

Several weeks on, I still don’t have a boyfriend or even any options on the horizon (I really must be beyond help) but it was great to talk to someone subjective about my dating struggles, someone who doesn’t just keep giving me the same vague reassurance that I will find someone in the end.


3 thoughts on “Coaching from Petra Kreatschman

    • You might be right indianruby, sometimes it’s hard to know how to fix something when there’s nothing really obviously wrong.
      I have tried mingling events. Believe me, I’ve tried everything!

  1. Dear Estelle, thank you for this review, it’s Indianruby – I agree it’s sometimes hard to find out what’s exactly wrong, but it’s good to try different approaches, especially when you’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t worked. Often a new insight can help – you get a different perspective and as a result you get different experiences. As Estelle says confidence is very important in finding love, but if you’ve had a lot of rejection it creates a lot of self-doubt and disappointment, which I believe is a killer for our chances to find love. Oftentimes we have much more to offer to another than we think, and it’s important we see ourselves (and others) in a positive but realistic light. You know, I can’t guarantee results, but I’ve seen that clients who have been single for a long time have succeeded in finding partners a few months after our coaching has finished, and that is a good indicator that my coaching helps.

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