Today I simply have a message for the male population – Ignoring a girl’s text message is not an acceptable way of turning down a date with her.

When someone texts you or messages you to ask you out, it’s taken them some courage to do that. They’ve probably thought about it for some time. For you to ignore it is not just impolite but really quite cruel and cowardly.

Of all the undoubted dating advantages that text messages and social media bring us, the horrible disadvantage is that messages are too easy to ignore. When people had no choice but to ask each other out by phone or in person, at least people had to give a response, even if it was to only make an excuse.

Some people may argue that ignoring someone’s message is an easy way to make it clear that you’re not interested. It may be easy, but it’s not the way civilised adults should behave.

The best way to make sure someone knows where they stand with you is to wait 24 hours then decline their invitation and politely tell them you’re not looking to start anything with them. Below are a few ways you can do this. Please try one of them next time instead of just ignoring a message.

  • I feel bad saying this but, having thought about it, I don’t feel we’re a good match for each other.
  • I’ll have to say no. I’m not into the idea of dating anyone at the moment.
  • I’d like to meet up again but I don’t see us being more than friends, you’re ok with that aren’t you?

It may seem harsh to send a message like that but it’s not as bad as leaving someone hanging. If they’re still texting you after you’ve sent them a message like this, then I think you’re justified in ignoring their messages.

Do you agree people need to get out of this bad habit? Have you ever ignored a message from someone?


3 thoughts on “Men – Be brave and turn a girl down properly

  1. Could aso be “Women – Be brave and turn down a men properly” 🙂
    (Non-bitter) guy that has been ignored many times

  2. Yep, women are as bad as men at this. Here’s another one that gets under my skin: people will agree to meeting somewhere, for some kind of social event, only to make up an excuse last minute to not show up. It’s like they are afraid to say no when asked, and figure a last minute cancellation, or simple failure to show up, is an easier way out. So cowardly.

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