Just before I deleted my Plenty of Fish account, I noticed that a guy I recognised from the office (who I had never spoken to) had a profile on there. (He wouldn’t have seen me, as I wasn’t using a profile picture).

In the couple of weeks following that, I came into contact with this guy at two different social gatherings. The first time I was in a group with two other girls and we were standing next to his group. I wasn’t particularly interested in this guy but I decided to test the situation

I made a casual friendly comment to him to see how he responded. He did little more than politely acknowledge me and then ignore us. That had been an opportunity for him to get talking to three perfectly acceptable girls and he didn’t take it.

The second time, he came over to chat to a group of guys and girls I was talking to, who he obviously knew. He completely ignored the ‘new girl’ in the group (me) and after about two minutes went outside to smoke with one of the guys of the group.

What all this proves is that even if a guy is actively looking for a girlfriend, or at least a date, he will still ignore girls that talk to him and will make no effort to engage with a girl when an opportunity arises.

I think this is an important lesson for all us single women. It shows that just because a guy appears to be totally disinterested in talking to you, it doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in finding someone. If you see a guy you could be interested in, don’t be put off by his unwelcoming behaviour. The chances are he could be very willing to go on a date with you.


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