About 8 months ago I signed up for Matthew Hussey’s Man Myth videos. For the past few months I’ve been following his advice and thinking a lot about the approach he recommends. And, for anyone wondering – Does Matthew Hussey’s Man Myth technique work? Here’s my review.

The basic theory that Matthew Hussey puts across is all about making eye contact with a guy in the right way, giving him a little smile at the right time, giving him the opportunity to approach you and making him feel like a man when he does. It’s also about being proactive and confident and about creating and seizing opportunities. I think it’s all very sensible stuff and is more or less what I’d been doing for years before I’d even heard of Matthew Hussey.

After putting my all into this approach for eight months I’ve realised there are a couple of reasons why it can’t always guarantee amazing results.

1. In order to be able to use this approach, you need to find lots of men you’re attracted to to use it on. This is where my first problem lay. I fancy very few men. There has to be something very specific about a man in order for me to fancy him. I’m not the sort of girl who’ll be satisfied with an average guy. If most girls could be attracted to 2% of the male population, I am probably only attracted to 0.25%. If you never even see or meet guys that you want to get together with, Matthew Hussey’s method is of very little use to you. Of course, Matthew Hussey does talk about the importance of going to the right places to meet the right guys but I find, wherever I go, I rarely see men I’m interested in.

2. It’s difficult to follow the method on your own. You need at least one willing and enthusiastic wingwoman. You can of course go to places like shops and try and chat up men on your own, but that’s lonely and miserable. I think you also come across better if you have friends with you. You look less of a desperate loner. Of all the female friends I have, maybe 5 are single. Of those, 3 are absolutely not interested in making any real effort to find a guy (despite always complaining about being single). I have maybe 2 female friends who say they want to be proactive and look for men but, in reality, whenever we go somewhere that would be a good opportunity for it, they’re unwilling to really support me in using any of Matthew Hussey’s techniques.

So, if you’re not too fussy about what kind of guy you’d like to go out with and you have an army of proactive and supportive single friends, then I think the Matthew Hussey method could get you some amazing results.

If you’re quite picky and you have no one you can rely on to be your wingwoman, then Matthew Hussey’s man myth may not be much help.

This is the magic formula that you need:



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  1. I just want to point out a couple things I’ve noticed on your blog– you claim you’re picky… but everyone is. I hate to be rude, but I want to be blunt: Everyone is picky. Everyone wants everything. I am on the younger side, and I’ve had pretty great success with Matt’s techniques. He’s successful and his shit works for a reason: it creates results. The point that Matt makes is that you create the opportunities, and they’re great. He starts off by saying that you should practice on anyone and everyone. His techniques urge you to practice on everyone, and be amiable. It doesn’t mean it has to go anywhere, but it could. If you’re going off by looks alone, you’re going to miss out on a lot of those “great guys” with “special qualities.” Because they’re out there– they may not be the most attractive, but they’ll become more attractive the more you get to know them.

    Just a thought. You might be “too picky,” because you’re looking specifically for a long-term commitment. The whole point of the method is to cast a wider net, so that you can eventually get to what you want.

    • The problem of practising on anyone and everyone, even guys you’re not interested in, is you end up leading on guys who you ultimately have to disappoint when you tell them you’re not interested. I feel mean getting a guy’s hopes up for no reason! I’d hate to think a guy would do that to me so I shouldn’t really do it to them.

      • Very good point, I have had the same thought about some of Patty Stanger’s advice (she’s the Millionaire Matchmaker), which is essentially that to keep yourself busy while you’re making sure you don’t over-do it with a guy you’re really into or teaching your current S.O. a lesson for being unwilling to marry you yet, you should go out with a couple of the guys who you just like to have fun with and could never get serious about. Are these dudes supposed to be made aware that they’re being kept on ice until they’re needed/convenient? Or in the Hussey paradigm, are women supposed to build their flirting and attention grabbing skills upon those who could ultimately end up confused and wondering if they might have done something to put the woman off? In sum, the whole thing is kind of a selfish approach.

      • I feel you – I am DEFINITELY pickier than the average woman. Yes, everyone is picky, but I know girls that have a new crush every week when they are single, or can find at least one guy in every setting that they’re interested in. But that’s definitely not my experience. (Or, maybe they’re more interested in the attention they are getting than how they feel about the guy.) I’m like you- I don’t get truly interested in hardly any guys (maybe 1-3 a year? If I’m lucky?), and do not enjoy attention from guys that I don’t feel romantically interested in. I’m not going to lead a guy on just to flatter my ego. But if you’re only finding yourself interested in that few of men, of course 25% of them are going to be taken, 25% of them aren’t going to be interested in you no matter what you do, maybe another 25% are interested in you, but after a little while you realize it’s not going to go anywhere. It just makes the math harder!

        But thank you for your review!

  2. Estelle, just went to Matt’s seminar in Seattle, WA on 5/18/13. I have read your blogs and appreciate what you have to say. I understand casting that wider net but at the same time trying not to lead someone on. I would feel the same way. I live in a town whereby there are not many single men to have this wide net. I also am not younger and feel that my older age can limit the number of available men (I’m 38). I have been following math for 2 years and have been lucky enough to be able to meet him this last weekend. I am going to try his methods. Just wanted to let you know that I also am picky and want good quality men, because Matt does say that we deserve someone who is just as high valued as we are. Thanks for sharing your experiences Estelle!!!

  3. hi,

    love your blog, about the man myth program, how much did it cost you? did you pay every mont in order to receive new info?

    thank you

    • I think it was $28 or $29 when I signed up.
      You get access to quite a few videos for that price – certainly enough to give you plenty to work with. I never paid for the future installments because I felt the first lot were enough. But you have to remember to be quick about cancelling the monthly payment so you don’t get charged!

      • Hi Estelle – Where can I find your Blog related to this subject and Matthew Hussey? I have been trying to learn whatever I can as to whether Matthew’s programs are effective or a waste of money. I AM getting tired of all of his “Leading” and “teaser” emails that just take you to his site and plays the same beginning video and tries to get us to sign up for a $300 program.

  4. I just read his book “Get The Guy”. It was more “motivational” than offering any mind-blowing secrets or techniques (which is actually more realistic to me; there are no “secrets” as if attracting is casting some kind of voodoo spell or serious psychological manipulation, which would be ethically questionable anyway). A lot of it is explaining how to develop social skills which send the RIGHT message to MEN specifically. You’re interested but NOT needy or desperate, so how do you display that & get a guy moving to YOU? I’m poor at making first impressions, so a lot of the little social communication tips were helpful. The rest is inner work – having a mindset and self-view that will emanate from within. I DO believe in that stuff (haha), so the motivational aspect is good to keep you in the right mindset to attract someone you actually might like.

    I have not spent money on his Man Myth video nor do I plan to shell out any more because he repeats himself a lot and it’s all the same basic principles being explored. I don’t expect his video to have a lot more beyond his book. It’s rather annoying how his books & videos keep telling you to get the OTHER for the answers, but hey, it’s a business for this guy. It would seem less “scam-like” if it wasn’t pushing continual installments though.

    I’m trying to get out of the “but, but, but!” mindset where I make excuses for why such tips in his book wouldn’t work for me. The author tries to cover a scope of scenarios & mental/real hurdles as to why you’re not attracting who you want. The hurdles you put up (“but this wouldn’t work for ME!”) are really just excuses to not change. And change doesn’t mean a loss of integrity, which I appreciate the book encourages keeping, but growth to become CLOSER to the person you want to be, the person you may already see yourself as but are not communicating with first impressions or in dating.

    So in response to the blog
    1. Not meeting men you like – broaden your sphere. What kind of guy do you like? Where might you find such a man? Start going to those places, doing those things, and explore how your taste really manifests in a flesh & blood person by interacting with people. Your idea of what is attractive is likely to broaden the more people you are exposed to. You don’t have to date all these people – just meet & interact & remember that a date or two is not a commitment. Guys bow out that early on, so can you if you determine they are wrong. It’s not leading anyone on as long as you have some genuine interest & you end it once you know it won’t go anywhere.
    2. No single girl friends to hang out with – broaden your sphere. Get more of a life & make new contacts, which will make you more attractive to men anyhow (big part of the book is being someone whose life is one another person wants to join, so they don’t feel life ends with a relationship).

    And I anticipate this (if not from the blogger, from SOMEONE who’ll read this) – “But I’m introverted & not into socializing a lot!”. Hey, me too. I’ve never wanted a ton of friends or to be around people a lot; a few close, intense friendships feel like “enough” for me. But it’s important for any person to be balanced. Very extroverted people have to learn to introspect more. These are the ones who may find the parts of the book about knowing & sticking to your values as helpful (as opposed to over-adapting to some guy you like). Many of us introverted types have that part down, and we call ourselves “picky” for knowing who we are & what we need, but where we need balance is in our human interactions. We need to get out our heads a bit more & live life so that it doesn’t just pass us by as we’re lost in thought & daydream.

    Hope that helps 😉

    • Very helpful, Karen. Thank you for this review! I was trying to find out more info on Matthews program, before purchasing, and I’m glad I read this beforehand. I agree – basically all books say the same thing, just in a different way – love, respect and develop yourself first before looking for a man. It’s just like getting in shape – there are no shortcuts, beyond exercising and eating right. Same with dating and finding love – don’t focus on finding a man, focusing on making yourself the best YOU you can possibly be. The right man will fall out of the sky when you’re actively pursuing your own personal, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development.

      • Christie: No disrespect to you, but the right man will NOT “fall out of the sky when you’re actively pursuing your own personal…” That is the MOST ridiculous advice I’ve EVER heard. Most of us women HAVE been Insanely pursuing our own personal goals, careers, personal development, etc and those of us never took the time to learn how to communicate or flirt with men. Some of us career women were too busy running Departments and Now NEED this help because we’re later on in life and still are Single. So PLEASE don’t talk anyone out of looking for help if they want or feel like they need it.

  5. Please keep blogging! I saw Matt in America in April and it was great and the book is great. That said, the techniques are hard to master. It takes practice. Because if I had been that way to begin with well, I wouldn’t have read Matt’s book, right? So it’s particularly hard for me at times.

    I agree it’s just so much easier to flirt and attract a man you’re actually attracted to. You have to have something to go on, until this becomes more second nature. And there’s no deadline.Unless you’re in a rush to learn? It’s been two months for me, but I’m plugging away at it. What’s great? I’m meeting lots of new people! I’m networking with women professionally. It just opened up a new world for me.

    And I get dates, but not from people I meet on the street. Mostly from online. The most important thing, though. I’m having fun. Fun is what keeps your spirits up! I’m also getting out of the house and meeting people. And I’m meeting more men than ever. Online, speed dating, real life. Men!

    It’s a start. 🙂 Please keep us posted on how things go for you!

  6. Estelle – don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion.

    Trust your gut feeling, and most of all – trust your feminine intuition.
    If this book does not feel right for you – trust your feelings.

    Mr Hussey’s book, his work and his image, have apparently been aided by an extensive and strategic campaign by a digital marketing company called Angelsmith which claims Mr Hussey to be one of its most successful clients.


    You may thus wish to go to Amazon UK to read the 1 star independent review where there are suggested alternatives to free and paid alternative information that will help you clear your confusion and empower you to make decisions to create your life as you wish, based on what feels right and good for you.

  7. I agree completely with what you are saying in your blog Estelle. Everyone wants to find their special someone and Matthew is charming and has great people skills to sell women on thinking that if they spend $$ on his products that they will find their prince charming. His information is good but I would say after reviewing The Man Myth and the Keep The Guy programs and having read is book…buy the book, don’t order anything from his company. When Matthew had his campaign of Keep The Guy supposedly there were only 1500 copies and as soon as they were sold, they were gone. They had a satisfaction guarantee (supposedly). The day after I purchased and they were posting the program as SOLD OUT on my page, they were selling them on the same link as the Man Myth program for $50 less. I returned the program but had to email the Get The Guy support to get instructions to do so because it was not available online the minute after I purchased and the return instructions were not included in the product. After returning the product I was charged for 3 months in a row and have only received 1 months charges refunded yet Matts support person (Bie) has told me that it is being processed……. It has been a nightmare and I am pretty sure that there are many other people out there that haven’t even realized that they have been charged, are embarrassed to pursue, have given up on trying to resolve the matter. I have never taken the time to blog, file complaints, etc. but this is just wrong. If Matthew scams 10,000 people out of $300 for these programs, he just stole himself $3,000,000!! Yeah, he is one charming guy alright…. He doesn’t know anything that any of us women don’t already know unless you are in your 20’s. He is young, has never been married, not so sure he has ever been in a long term relationship…he just know’s the right things to say to get women to believe that if they buy his stuff they will find their prince charming. Save your $$ and use your $$ going out and getting yourself out there to meet people.

    • I want to let you know that Matthew Hussey personally got involved with this issue and has assured me that this is going to be taken care of today. I am impressed with how important his business is to him and he graciously apologized for this issue and has offered me a free hour of consultation with one of his people and has offered to give me one of his programs at no charge. I truly am impressed that he cares enough to take the time to get involved and take responsibility in making this right. Hats off to Matthew, I definitely have renewed faith in this guy and wish him all the best in his career.

    • truth.. I was charged same way(was a surprise for me), I fond nothing I didn’t know in what he says,his ald “hankerchif method” is reconised by men and doesn’t work,as well as many others like :”post on his FB you are in a relationship” -what kind of a man let’s a woman decide it,may be to any woman.. who needs such,yes he knows how to sell,he is indeed a eat actor and charming,but sounds indeed naïve.

      • After ordering Matt Haussey’s “How to Talk to Men,” I took the plunge and paid almost $300 for Keep The Guy (KTG) program, which consisted of 10+ video clips and audio recordings. Haussey’s starting point [a high value woman who is ultimately a classy smart aka nice girl (with Haussey’s help) ALWAYS get her man] appeals to my idealistic-romanticism. Buyers of Hussey’s program are always told that they have a 60 days risk-free trial period. I thought long and hard PRIOR to my spending $297. Unexpectedly, I came across another male dating expert’s books — with offensive sounding titles. With an open heart and mind, I read one of his books, which truly opens my eyes to how men REALLY think. This author was blunt. Let’s face it — women like me who believes “good” always triumphs over “bad” needs to reassess all my assumptions about men and sex and how women can truly empowered themselves. Furthermore, this very author also explains in-details about the mindset a woman need and a series of specific questions she needs to ask upon meeting a potential date to “vet” him. The author is clearly on a mission to give courage and power and control back to women-searching-for-love. A reader can feels his passion and anger about what he deems as the trend of disrespecting of women in our society occurring during the last two decades, and he is out to even the playing field — giving power back to women. He provided the answers I was looking for and I bought all three of his days via Amazon.com plus his only audio books via Audible. The total cost is less than 1/6 of the cost of KTG. I tried to return Hussey’s program and requested for a refund, and Bie, whom was mentioned earlier by another reviewer, denied my request. I will update you on my return request.

    • Have you watched all of Matthew’s videos on YouTube? You can learn a lot from those and I’m guessing it’s very similar to what’s in the book.

      • I did, but I still wanted to read to book. I like to read. I guess I have to find someone who is nice to share the book ’cause I can’t afford it.

    • Please, Matthews stuff does not work in the long run. Matthew said he had boot camp for men, really? Then firstly how come you can’t find any history of it on the Internet, surely he would still have a section for it on some link to him and finally if he was coaching and doing seminars with men, how come men aren’t approaching women more ? why? real answer men have a type and they will approach what they like… do the rules you won’t go wrong. Matthews stuff on men creates short term results and men go to bars for various reasons as you know. Men in bars tend to sit back and watch your approach and how you carry yourself…If your talking to every man out there, your guy may feel repulsed, your guy as in the man for you or the man that would have approached u if you weren’t going up to men randomly starting conversations and further more if men are in bars a lot they will have come across other girls like you using the same lines, my friends brother went out the other night and watched a group of girls who were matthew husseys girls and those men were talking to the girls but didn’t give them their numbers and they were single and my friend said when they got home the guys had a right laugh about those women and said women who go and round In bars ON THE MAN HUNT are degrading and look desperate. Those women are for fun. He could never imagine taking one of them seriously because you very well know they are chatting up other men the whole night like slags. I remember when I was freshly of Matthews course and I had a laugh with a guy and exchanged numbers. He said oh your beautiful but I feel wrong. This isn’t suppose to happen I’m the man I’m suppose to approach you and make you laugh and get your number. NEVER AGAIN MATE! MEN LIKE TO APPROACH WOMEN, MEN ARE NOT SHY ABOUT WHAT THEY TRULY WANT AND IF YOURSELF UNSURE test it out if you like a guy and your talking for 10 mins if he doesn’t ask you out within those ten mins or for your number he most likely not into you – accept it don’t allow men to name name slags or degrading yourself

      • Anja, Just in case you haven’t read Hussey’s book yet: please go to your local library. If your local library doesn’t have a copy, check to see if they offer Interlibrary loan [it’s usually free of charge]. Your library can borrow from another library. I hope this information helps.

  8. How ad you affording to be on here? Buy it on kindle. Your not that poor to not be able to spend £2. oh ? You don’t have a kindle? No worries If you have a smart phone u can download the app. Oh? No smart phone either guess what amazon has a reading app for your laptop or computer or tablet. So no more problems.


  10. Further more don’t do the “reach for your purse /handbag move at dinner” just look at the man and smile then kindly say thank you very much. It was great. Continue smiling, Then watch him pay the bill. This works nine out of ten times. However, if he asks you to split and pay…..pay if you can and never see him again or phase two which is a back up…excuse yourself to the bathroom call a cab and quietly run out the door then hop the bus or the cab if your in a real hurry to get away. whala…. And online dating, don’t spend 2 hours investing on the phone to a man you have never spoken to before or seem in real life,… Don’t invest so much time early on just In case he is a flake. If he is you can feel like you didn’t waste so much time. Only speak to online dates on the phone for a maximum of 20 mins then get off the phone, just say it was lovely chatting but you better go. Then leave but say it nicely…. He will call and call believe me you will be surprised how good and quickly the rules work if you execute them in the right manner. Your first 3 dates with a guy should be in the weekdays but on the fourth date it must be a weekend Saturday preferably…why? He has to start seeing you every Saturday from then on, if not you can be safe to say he’s got another woman or is married because if he’s single he would be with you most Saturdays after he third date consistently.

  11. My friend listened to Matthews dad and pulled out her pursue on the date and the guy actually said great, here’s the bill…. Seriously?!! And she said oh my god I don’t understand, everything was perfect between them great convo and he accepted her date offer … No no no… You did it wrong! If he spoke to you first he would have never have made her paid for the date, why? A man will never let his dream woman see him in a bad light.

    • You just perfectly illustrated one of Matt’s principles. This is the kind of guy who takes a girl out and says “great, thanks” without even offering to pay half. If you’d smiled sweetly and let him pay, ok, you’d have got a free dinner, and probably had a few more dates, but it was YOUR action that changed the outcome there. Nothing to do with him. He’s still a freeloader. You just hid it from yourself by not reaching for your purse. But actually, you chose in reality to reach for your purse. Congrats! You just saved yourself a whole load of wasted dates and gave yourself the chance to go and find someone who is not a waste of your time. And it only cost you, what, $100? If he had been a decent guy, imagine the effect you reaching for your purse would have had. You just got really pissed off at a guy for doing what you wish you’d done! Imagine how guys feel – girls just say “great, thanks” all the time. By offering you pay, you showed him you’re not a freeloader – you’re independent, gracious, considerate and respectful of the fact that he works hard for his money. You got unlucky – the guy was a jerk. There are plenty of great guys out there who would reply “no, it’s ok, I’ll get this one” while thinking “wow, this girl’s impressive! I want to see her again” – not because he wants a free meal (if he wanted a free meal, he’d have just said “great, thanks” like your guy did) but because he values you just a little bit more.

  12. Guys, let us think clearly. For starters, I don’t want to offend anyone, so please don’t take what i am about to say personally. I am 18 years old and that’s why most of you will probably think that i don’t have the right to talk about love etc since i haven’t even lived my life.. but here’s what i think. All these years I have been watching movies and reading books, which had a happy ending ( the girl and the boy fall in love ) and suddenly i am exposed to some videos made by a guy, who claims to know what love is about. Well okay, i get it, he probably needs to make a living but why should we, the rest of us, believe that love can only be found through his “guiding program”…? Honestly, doesn’t that thing make you feel stupid? Personally that’s how i feel! i spent an hour, or even more watching this video, which ends with the download button and after finishing watching it i was like “are we serious here? is he trying to ruin everything?” love is about grabbing the opportunity and turning it into the perfect moment and flirting is something anyone can do. You don’t need to follow any rules or to lie to yourself, by believing that you are incompetent of making someone fall for you, just because a video says so! For God’s sake! we are who we are… and if we want to find true love, well i think it’s simple. we just need to show people we are interested in who we truly are! is it that complicated? i think not!
    well thank you so much for reading this, hope i was of help 🙂
    sorry about the fact that my English is not perfect, but i am not American.

  13. Hi, thanks for the blog.. I agreed with your initial response. Matthew’s program helped me a bit but not much really. I pretty much was doing those things and had no issues being asked out it was the fact that i am 99 percent picky and haven’t ever meet a guy I can say wow i wouldn’t mind marrying him. Mostly guys I have little interest in ask me out regardless whether they are hot or not. I also want to note when your a full time student double fast track, and have a full time job its hard to be social. I used the methods on some cute guys I meet here and there but I quickly lost interest in them. I wish he wrote a book about how to get guys off you back that you don’t want to continue dating anymore. I expected something more extraordinary with his advice but most of this I knew because when you grow up with mostly guy friends, brothers, and cousins its easy to understand guys. Actually women are more complicated that’s why i only have 1 girl friend. Girls simply dislike me.

  14. Blows my mind how picky women are. Let’s think about what you’ve said: you fancy 1 in 400 guys you see. For the average guy, we can stretch ourselves to only fancy 1 in 5 or even 1 in 10 if we’re being particularly picky. But in a more horny frame of mind, it’s 1 in 2 or better.

    Seriously, what’s wrong with you guys?

    • Haha Steve I was thinking the exact same thing reading through the comments no wonder their all still single. No one can help them unless their willing to change their mindset and only they can do that.

  15. Coming from a girl (which would be me!) 🙂 I find it funny that woman always create a huge issue about men having a standard of how woman should look physically yet half of you are commenting that you wouldn’t give a guy a chance over the way he looks. Maybe he didn’t catch your eye right away but after developing a connection you might ask yourself why you didn’t notice how attractive he was to begin with 😉 (hell I’ve said that before) it’s not whoring yourself out to simply talk to a guy and see where things go nor is it leading him on your just giving him a chance. Some of these woman sound negative and probably block themselves subconsciously from having love enter their life’s I mean half of them don’t even want to try to have a conversation with a guy who probably looks at least average/decent. It’s all about mindset & no you don’t have to follow Matt’s advice to a T but I have noticed he does give awesome advice some fun tricks to try and expand on. But out of all honesty your attitude & openness towards it determineds your results overall & that I believe that is in everything you do. Have fun with his advice and give it shot but be warned that no one can change your outlook on life not even Matt *gasp* lol only you have that power! Btw I go many places alone and meet various of new people. I don’t think it’s creepy to do things by yourself. I think girls who HAVE to travel with a group of friends seem needy & almost insecure (I use to be that way actually) you should try becoming your own best friend because you will always be around yourself lol besides think of it as being a lone wolf haha strong and independent.

    • It is not that those who are not blindly following Matthew , want to alone…it is just that they and we do not believe he is the know-all of love and he can offer salvation magically from single life, if relationships happened by silly game playing and tactics…then matthew would be god…just because he claims to know all to rip you of your money and even if it works for some, it may not work for all…like the blogger and author and also plans and procedures might work here and there but not in long run, besides he does not tell anything that we do not already know , he might be have something to offer, but it does not work for all…no matter how much you try some Technic, it will happen only if it is meant to be, so you can be real, spontaneous and experience love with all your heart, at least it will enrich your soul.

  16. I went to one of the seminars, thank god it was free, cos I left after the first hour. In those first 60 mins was told nothing of any use or interest, but the speaker (Mathews dad) used the whole time to charm the audience… I could see where this was going… using single lonely women to make lots of money! A full paid seminar cost around £500 and if only half of the room signed up it would have made them an absolute fortune. However I would not say that I learnt nothing… I left the room with the realisation that this attraction stuff is as old as time itself, ladies we do not need a male coach to teach us how to do it, its instinctive. Every girl in the world instinctively knows that dressing nice, showing a bit of (respectable) flesh, slapping on the lippy, flutter those eyelashes and then smile and laugh in all the right places will ‘get you the guy’, god damn it, your 80 year old grandmother could have told you that. Now finding a decent life partner is much more challenging and I take the more philosophical route, that’s if its meant to be it will be.. and if not… you still have an awesome life and look damn good living it! Please don’t waste time and money on these con men, they are using women.

  17. Perfect…someone has said it..I am someone who can love one guy
    no matter I may meet millions in one day or each day…it is not about him, it is about me, it is something inexplicable…someone for whom i can feel what i cannot feel for others…so who cares if i can win men who i do not feel for, it is very difficult for me to like someone and when i do…i give my heart completely and unconditionally…i do not think about anyone else and these sheer planning etc sound so childish….i do not even have any parameters for who i fall for, but i believe it is destiny, universe and vibe …an invisible x factor that one one person has…whom you don’t contact after you lost him, but who is still always in your heart…love is ideal…intense and sentimental, a heavenly , passionate, uncontrollable feeling of soul attachment…that way it is beautiful even in failure, what use making it like a business strategy like people like Matthew make it, the magical and spontaneous, above logic factor makes it divine…plans , strategies fail if you are not meant to be and what use getting someone using tactics and politics…love intensely and immensely..you may get hurt, be the real you..show your real feelings of joy, tenderness, surrender, desire…and whoever rejects you is not deserving and if it is meant to be he will be yours for right reason, you will win his hear by your devotion and he will love you spontaneously and without planning, without any game tactics, he will love you for love and you both will be pure love and bliss in you and in-between you …the depth of bond which could never be achieved by planning and playing games and people will be jealous of your life turning merging or mind-body-soul and these petty Technics may work for people who want just opposite sex interaction and coupling on a bland , dry …hard-core practical way…but not anything superior , truer and original.

  18. I purchased one of his online program called “Getting him running back to you” at 97$ and was totally unaware of how I may get charged monthly… There was some notice popped up after I bought the product but I didn’t take a screenshot, and I’ve tried to find the cancel policy with no luck. I don’t want to be charged monthly for extra package I DON’T NEED.
    So ladies please help me. I don’t wanna wake up looking at my bank account angrily… How to cancel the monthly charge??

    • Totally my case too! I signed up for this VIP programme which cost something like US$29.9. I thought it was a one-time spending, but later I found out that I’ve been charged US$69.9 on a monthly basis for 3 consecutive months now (about to be the 4th). I wrote to the “support” and “member” email addresses, and now almost a day passed and I got no replies. I read the refund policy again, and it says something like you can only get refund within 60 days after purchase. Now I’m really worrying about the sunk cost and even the upcoming monthly charges! Susan or anyone if you ever have canceled the charges, please kindly share with me. Thanks!!!

  19. I feel I need to warn everyone of the dangers of Mathew Hussey, especially Keep the Guy. I was a fun, confident, happy girl and I met a great guy but he was going through a divorce. I used the techniques in the book and it was going really well. Then he ended it and I became obsessed, using Get him Running back to You and Keep the Guy and feeling I could manipulate the situation, in the process confusing myself and driving away the man I love. Now my confidence is shattered and I am consumed by guilt. I will never know what would have happened if I had just been myself. Confidence etc is important for the initial attraction but there is no formula.

  20. I’d like to try his products but I’m always leary of the 30 minute ad videos that go on and on and tell you nothing. That just screams scam to me.

    • It probably is. A guy making money off of situations God has given us a brain to figure out ourselves. Each man is different, each situation is different, every woman and man is different, every relationship is different. How can anyone be an expert on something that is so different. JUST BE YOURSELF and DONT settle for what does not settle you. SRD

  21. How many of you have even taken any of Matthew Hussey’s programs? The women talking about getting free meals out of guys? How disgusting. I prefer a man to pay, of course, but it’s not about getting something from him, it’s because it makes me feel cared for. Stop looking at dates as free meals. Matthew’s material is great. I think it’s over priced, but what he teaches is useful and if you actually use it and implement his tips, you will notice real changes in your love life. Reading or listening once, saying “yeah, I know all this already” and then not doing any of it is not going to get you anywhere but mooching free meals of poor sods from the internet. Gross.

    • Oh please, many have…most have and they are utterly disappointed…this guy and his theory is complete crap…read the comments and you will read negative and ripped off experiences..rather donate to charities than be ripped off by a know-it-all but no nothing dishonest and fake fool.

  22. Please Ladies don’t fall for this BULLSHIT!

    And please don’t waste your money attending one of the Matthew Hussey Retreats.

    I was suckered into attending a retreat at a very vulnerable time, shelling out thousands of $$$. The retreat alone is over $4000 and by the time you pay for flights and accommodation it is in excess of $6000. He is preying on vulnerable women to open their wallets and at the retreat is regurgitating other people’s work, none of it is own!! Disgusting and shameful!

    He did also mention to our group that he initially started coaching men, so where are they now? I guess men were not sustainable as they probably tended not to fall for the verbal diarrhoea that flows out as part of the Matthew Hussey marketing campaign. Sorry Ladies…..but I was a sucker too!! It is all marketing…marketing…marketing to make your bank account smaller and Matthew Hussey’s bigger!

    I found it strange when I was searching online there were absolutely no bad reviews….nothing at all! I feel it is important to speak the truth and to help those seeking a genuine review before outlaying such large sums of money for the retreat. If I had the above information when I was making a decision, I would have never attended the Matthew Hussey Retreat.

    I hope this helps you make an informed decision and Good Luck with your journey!

    • Veracity, could you please elaborate on your experience? I just had this crazy idea of going to one of his retreats and I’m not even from the U.S.! I’m in a rather vulnerable state now as well, and all the program descriptions just seem so good. But at the same time I’m also aware of how disappointing Matthew Hussey’s material can sometimes be,
      I’ve read his book (hard-copy) and it screamed common sense as for the online programs, they seem interesting, but the potential monthly charges kind of turn me off.

  23. I just bought his book and am waiting for it to arrive. 🙂 I’m really tempted to get the Keep the guy program, but realizing it is over priced seems unethical and dodgy. Valuable information could be shared through books. Why not just write another book? It doesn’t seem right to charge thousands of dollars even if it does educate people on how to be more successful socially. And I really just want to know one thing. Maybe you can help me instead? If I’m dating someone for sveral months and he’s the most wonderful guy I’ve ever met in my life and I’m smitten with him and want to be exclusive…and he says he wants to have sex with other women and not commit…what do I say to him and is it possible to wait him out? What I did say was that I want to be his girlfriend and I told him how wonderful I think he is, that if he would like to travel the world then I would be most happy to go with him. He said he wants to continue to see me…forever, never stop seeing me..sleep w me…but also w others…that he’s seeing someone else as well..that he can only be himself with me, that i’m beautiful and lovely and kind and fun, and yet, he’s not sure. I told him that then we should stop seeing eachother completely because it hurts me that he’s seeing someone else. but that’s he’s welcome back in my life if he changes his mind. It all became a mess. We did continue our relationship a year later, and then suddenly he was engaged to another person. Suddenly I was nothing. I just wonder..at that first time of conversation..that took place after 10 weeks of dating…Should I have let him continue to see both of us ? I didn’t want to be hurt or make my heart close to him…as I was feeling that its impossible to be fearful and attracted and in love at the same time. I needed to feel safe. I still miss him and dream of him. :/

    • I think deep down you know the right thing to do. This guy is never going to commit to you and your life will be much better without him. It will be hard to be without him at first but you deserve better and there ARE better guys out there, you just need to be patient and be proactive about finding one.

      • That’s really kind of you to say. However, I think you misunderstand my point slightly. I do not mean this guy in particular, but the next time I date someone.. I don’t know how long I should let him not commit while dating. The guy I dated / were or am in love with, is just an example of a mistake that happened to make me miserable, because I didn’t know how to draw the line. Thank you so much for your reply. 🙂

    • You did the right thing to lay down the line. Setting boundaries can be hard, but it’s ESSENTIAL if we ever hope to maintain our own integrity and sense of ourselves. For all his marvels, he was being a typical randy guy – he wanted to have his cake and eat it too. If anything he did you a favour showing his true colors. Whoever he marries, it sounds like he’ll eventually cheat on his wife.

    • It wold sound harsh but..id a guy is seeing another ladies too is stupid to think you can change it..he’sjust manipulating you through his compliments and your love dor him and he’s using it against you..leave him alone because he doesn’t deserve you..and you deserve someone who will see the value you are bringing into his life..have your standards, love yourself and be a high value women because once you’d be still somehow around he is sure to.have a power over you. Which is nothing more than comfortable for him.Imagine he has the same type od gialog with the other girl/s…how would you feel??.. Be strong. Good luck 😉

  24. Matthew Hussey does take advantage of women. I had a female friend sign up for one of his EXPENSIVE “retreats,” but she had to ask three times how much it costs.

    She also told me that the reason the price isn’t listed is that she has to be accepted, invited first.

    Classic con. It’s an old trick.

    He also uses old advice and rehashes it to make it look like it comes from him.

  25. Aida, I personally would not date a man if I knew he was seeing other women. After all, men like that usually don’t date you if you see other men either. So the relationship is unfair and unequal. He might say he’s okay with you seeing others, but we all know he’s not and that he will drop you fairly quickly just because of that fact. Besides, if a man wishes to see multiple women and you turn out to be one of them, what do you think he will say to you personally and to others in general? The answer is THE SAME THING. It’s kind of gross and hard to believe, but some people are that dishonest and will use your feelings, trust and openness to draw your enthusiasm to allow them to get close to you and your body. It’s hard to believe because these people have learned how to fake feelings really well, to such a degree that we let the obvious slip by – that they are using us along with a multitude of other women. I just wouldn’t date a guy who sees other women, just like any guy would not date a woman who sees other men.

  26. Hey Aida… this advice comes to mind … I found it from another guy on youtube ..Matthew Boggs .. he also talks about how to get with a guy but for my taste is much more positive about it … makes me feel more empowered to love and not like i need to use tricks and manipulate a guy … so his advice is …first to tell him “hey is now a good time to talk?” ..that gets a guys attention … then you tell him what u expect from a guy…what u wanna do in life and how u wanna share it with a partner … and then u say “maybe you can be that guy for me” …really you should know that there is a guy for u like that …if this one is not then its best that he leaves and u get the guy u want and deserve … basically u gotta find your own motivation in life …. good thing to be aware about is your intentions … check your intentions, know what u want and then express what u want … but not expect that guy to be like that…just offer him a chance to be that guy for u … good thing to know about guys, which i also found out from Matthew Boggs is that guys just wanna make us happy… what drives them is a smile on our face ..sometimes they dont know what to do and if we just nag they lose confidence and interest … so if u just tell them what he can do to make u happy he will do it cz he wants to make u happy … they just want us happy really … they dont want us to say perfect words… but to be happy 🙂 and gently guide them to do what makes us happy … i recommend Matthew Boggs really cz he makes u feel excited and open and loving… as oppose to Matthew Hussey that gives sneaky tricks that do work but make u feel like a manipulator … u just end up empty really … its just wrong, and people commenting here helped me bring my feelings into perspective, thank you !!

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