My post the other day about Spanish people reminded me of something a Greek friend once said to me. He said that when Greek people go for a night out, they’ll go with a large group of friends and they’ll stick with that group all night and will almost never go and talk to people they don’t know.

When visiting Athens with my (gay) Greek friend a few years ago, I told him I was looking forward to chatting with some of the stunning men that Athens had to offer. He told me that Greek people would find it quite unusual if someone they didn’t know or who their friends didn’t know started chatting to them in a bar.

Maybe it depends a little bit on the type of bar you’re in, but I think the same applies in other Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy. It’s quite a striking difference from how we operate in the UK and USA. For us, bar culture is primarily about the opportunity to talk to strangers.


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