My weekend in Madrid was really fun. It’s three years since I was last there and this trip reminded me that the city is just as beautiful and sunny as I remember. The men? Well, they’re even better looking than I remember. Spanish men are my type, no doubt about it. In my opinion, your average Spanish man is definitely better looking than your average British man. It’s their skin tone, their glossy hair, their strong noses, their dark eyelashes. My favourite bit was at the big Reina Sofia art gallery, there were cute tourist guys every direction I looked in. I was making eye contact with them all, even the ones standing next to girlfriends (sorry girlfriends!).

Anyway, enough of that. One other thing I was reminded about Spanish people this weekend was that they have a strange habit of not being very aware of other people when they’re out and about. When they’re in a bar with a group of friends, they stay very focused on the group they’re with and they don’t pay much attention to other people. Even in other places (galleries, the street, etc) they don’t often make eye contact with strangers. This goes against the stereotype of Spanish men being flirty and friendly and open, but it’s the truth. Once they know you, they’re much more open and touchy feely, but if they don’t know you they somehow seem much more oblivious to you. I’ve seen several examples of this in my life and it makes it difficult to make connections with them.

So, to conclude I saw a lot of super-cute guys and smiled at quite a few of them, chatted to a couple, but didn’t really have a great deal of success.


2 thoughts on “Forget the stereotype of Spanish men

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