Outing two for the Matthew Hussey method. Sunday evening and me and four friends (them all single but not the type to create opportunities for themselves) all ended up by chance in a small bar where a DJ was playing music of exactly the type I like (chicago house, in case you’re interested).

When we arrived there was one guy dancing on his own in front of the DJ, so I joined him while my friends sat in a corner. I soon realised this bar was packed full of just the sort of guys I love.

I identified one target and gave him the first look. On giving him a second look a while later, I realised I already knew him… and he had already turned me down once. He was a friend of an acquaintance. I got his number a few weeks earlier but he had ignored my message when I texted to ask him to meet up.

I had accidentally flirted with a guy who has already turned me down! This was a bad sign. Things were not going well.

When I passed him again later I avoided looking at him but he stopped me and said – I think I recognise you but I can’t think where from. I said, yes, you know me but I’m not telling you how.

I found a new super-cute target and gave him a look about three or four times. Despite coming to stand near me, he didn’t make any moves. I said to him – have you got the time? I need to make sure I don’t miss the last train. I stayed five minutes longer and still nothing, so I left to get the last train.

So far, the results are not quite as promised.


3 thoughts on “A second go at the MH method

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  2. I’m not sure about this technique, it’s a bit like putting yourself on a plate but not really doing anything, it’s still leaving all the real pressure to the guy. It really is a massive load of pressure, and it can backfire on you easily. I think you should try and start a conversation shortly after you’ve initiated eye contact. Don’t worry about emasculating the guy.

    I’ve read a lot of your posts and I like your blog. Personally I love internet dating because I’ve always loved formal dating and also because it’s so depressing, scary and hard to go and talk to a girl in a bar or club and often incredibly noisy. I just approach online dating as an opportunity to have a fun night out or an interesting chat. Not had a bad date yet.

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