Last night I went out and tried one of Matthew Hussey‘s fundamental flirting techniques. The first and glance, held for a second, and then the second glance with a coy smile.

My typical strategy is – notice a guy I fancy, go and speak to him – simple as that. I’m not afraid to go up and talk to strangers in bars but unfortunately this technique never gets me very far when it comes to attracting the guys, getting their numbers and getting a date. Tonight I had to stick to the rules of Matthew Hussey’s more subtle flirting techniques.

I singled out the most best-looking guy in the bar – he was by no means a stunner, but he was the one I found most attractive and, anyway, this was just for practice.

It took quite a while for me to even catch his eye for the first glance, but I eventually managed it. A few minutes later, I gave him a second look, this time with a little smile. My friend and I had positioned ourselves within an accessible distance from him. He showed no interest in talking to us. I tried a third bit of eye contact and a few minutes later there was still no reaction from him.

I could have looked at him again for a fourth time (and most likely come across as a bit demented) but by this point I was thinking – if I want to talk to this guy, can’t I just cut to the chase and go an talk to him? But no, that was off limits for tonight, he had to come to me.

Needless to say, he never did come to me and there were no other guys in the bar who even came close to looking nice enough, even as practice material.

So, I think this is going to be a bit of a long journey. Still, I’ve made the first step.


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