After my fruitless search the other day for true female pick-up techniques I seem to have stumbled across something interesting, almost by accident.

I made a new girl friend the other day. She works on another team at work and she’s also single. We realised instantly that when it comes to our single status we have the same goals, so we’ve been out a couple of times.

This girl, let’s call her Melissa, happened to mention that a couple of years ago she’d been to a ‘flirting seminar’. I haven’t told Melissa about the full intensity of my pick-up mission (don’t want her to think I’m loopy when she’s just met me). She was telling me about Matthew Hussey, the guy who ran the dating seminar, and the sort of advice he was giving. It sounded like just the sort of guidance I needed.

When I got home that night, I looked him up and watched a few of his online videos.  Despite the fact that he’s slightly cheesey and is confident in the way that recruitment conultants and estate agents are, I think he might be talking sense. I’m going to investigate his techniques more and see if I can follow his advice.


3 thoughts on “Matthew Hussey

  1. I can’t see your question.. but anyways in answer to it, I have only watched him on youtube so I can’t say that I’ve been to any of his real sessions, but if you go through them you will see he gives really great advice. The advice has worked in some cases, but I gotta be honest and say I don’t always think back to him when it comes to dating. Either way, try it for sure. He’s great!

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