In my life I’ve given my number to random cute guys on a few occasions. Some I’ve actually bothered to have a short conversation with first, others I’ve literally seen them, smiled at them and handed them my number.

Occasionally it pays off, often it doesn’t.

Thinking about this, I’ve started to realise that because this technique is proven to sometimes pay off, maybe it’s simply a game of probability that I need to play, by giving my number to more random cute guys.

In the past five years I’ve probably handed my number to maybe 10 good-looking strangers. I’ve had texts off almost all of these guys and even a date with one of them.

If I was to give my number to 10 random guys a week, based on the same success rate, that would get me one date a week. Wow.

Every time I give my number to a guy I’ve just met, it’s absolutely terrifying. It takes enormous courage and I feel my heart thumping in my chest, but the feeling of achievement once I’ve done it is one of the best feelings ever.

I just need to find the courage to play this game more often. And you should try it too.


2 thoughts on “A numbers game

  1. I agree that by giving out your number more you are increasing the probability of dating more guys..however, I do think that guys need to ask you the number. Make them work for it. My advice is you can talk to the guy first or you can hint about meeting up again, but don’t give your number out. No matter what they say, most men like the chase and being the ones that initiate the relationship. Good luck!

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