In my endless search for answers to why guys I like never want to go out with me and never chat me up, I sometimes wonder whether it may be because I’m too intimidating.

I’m tall, I’m well-groomed, I’m confident, I’m independent and I appear to have it ‘all sorted’.

Is this threatening to guys?

If it is, it’s a problem. It’s not just a problem, it’s also irritating because half the time we’re told that guys won’t like us if we’re too needy. So will they also be put off if we’re too self-sufficent and confident?

What exactly is expected of us here?


2 thoughts on “What makes a girl intimidating to guys?

  1. Hi, I have been in several long term relationships, and i’m currently with my girlfriend since a year and a half now. I’ve never been particularely intimidated by girls but I just would like to point that, in deed, most men (including me) are intimidated, or even scared by attractive girls. We’d more easily speak to a less atractive girl because most of the time i think that we are scared that the girl might judge us (” ewww… why are ugly dudes ALWAYS speaking to me”) or we think that “oh she’s too beautiful to be single anyway” or that such beautiful girl will never be interested by guys like us. I think that this is also true regarding jobs, when we speak to women who have a good situation we might be scared to be compared to them.
    excuse my english i’m not fluent but i hope that it can help you a bit!

  2. The RIGHT guy who YOU are supposed to be dating will not be put off by your confidence. Plus, you seem like a very approachable girl from what I’ve read.. so don’t start confusing yourself and stay as you are. You just need to meet a lot of people and out of all of them, there should be one great guy who will like you as you are.
    I know it’s a cliche answer, but wondering about if what you are doing is right or wrong will only make you more miserable. It definitely did that for me!

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