Men’s pick-up techniques are well-documented and stereotypically a pick-up artist is a man. In my opinion there is no reason why pick-up techniques need only be restricted to men. I think women can benefit greatly from learning some techniques to help them get the men they want.

Ladies, we all know that most men are useless when it comes to chatting us up or asking us out. They’re shy and scared and they very rarely take a risk on an attractive woman. It would be nice to think that a dashing man will sweep us off our feet with his charm and sparkling conversation, but that unfortunately doesn’t often happen.

For this reason, we need to learn to work some magic in the other direction. Most women I know are nervous about approaching guys. This needs to change. If we spend all our lives waiting for men to approach us, we’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities. With a few simple pick-up techniques I think we have the power to get the men we want.

Men are always surprised at the idea of women needing pick-up techniques. They say ‘But all you need to do is smile’. Unfortunately this isn’t true. I wish it was. Maybe smile is all we would need to do to get certain guys, but are those really the guys we want? The really desirable guys are usually a little harder to get. For those guys we need some techniques to make ourselves stand out above all the other girls that are smiling at them or trying to talk to them.

Over the next few weeks I intend to develop and practice some pick-up techniques to use on men. As a starting point I’ll use some of the techniques described in the The Game by Neil Strauss and will work out how to hone them to use successfully on men.


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