Pick-up artistry is often assumed by many women to be sleazy, underhand or derogatory. I totally disagree with this. I believe that more men need to learn pick-up techniques. A lot more men.

So many men are terrified of talking to women or of asking them out.  Men who do have the balls to go and talk to women in bars usually make a really bad job of it so that it’s not fun at all for the ladies in question.

With every decade that goes by, men get more and more useless at seducing women. Men are so afraid of losing face and of being rejected that it makes dating a near-impossible task.

The truth is that many women secretly want to be chatted up and asked out. They would very much enjoy some sparkling conversation with a charming stranger. Pick-up techniques equip men with the tools they need to give women this.

Having the skills to engage a woman in conversation and charm her are not sleazy or underhand.

What can be sleazy or derogatory are the intentions with which some men use these techniques. True, some men do just want to pick up a woman for a simple one-off shag but many men want something more than that and pick-up can be used for that goal too.

If you’re a single man and you want a one-night-stand, a date or even a wife, you have to adopt some of the techniques of the pick-up artists because they will greatly increase your chances of getting what you want.


2 thoughts on “Why men need pick-up techniques

  1. No, not the techniques, the courage needs adoption. People think there is a magic pill and when they immerse in the new water they figure out it is more difficult than they thought. They give up and the only thing that’s left for them is hate and despise, born from their greed.
    They fail to see deep enought. The best thing you can learn from pick up is that the greatest weapon anyone can use against you is your own mind. It is full of doubts and uncertainties.
    The haters fail to look at themselves and answer to this simple question;
    Am I true to myself or do I live for the expectations of others?

  2. The techniques are rubbish, somewhat offensive and complete nonsense. You might as well say just have some courage, be complimentary and try your best to have a friendly conversation. Everything else is just insanely annoying, regurgitated sales patter. Just read the threads on some of the forums and you’ll see their real behaviour. I’m so surprised you’re championing these PUA jerks.

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